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Shavu'ot 5778


Saturday, May 19

8.30pm - Ma’ariv & Kiddush

Teen and tween Shavuot learning, games, and ice cream bar 
8:30pm-10pm with Lisa & Brian Schachter-Brooks

9.00pm Dr. Gila Silverman - “Mattan Torah”

10.00pm Rabbi Dr. Howard Schwartz & Rabbi Dr. Bennett Blum  - “V’ahavta”

11.00pm HaMorah Rita Zohav - “Lilith”

Sunday, May 20

12.00am Reb Brian Yosef - “Torahs of Awakening: Jewish Text for Discovering Inner Freedom”

1.00am Prof. David Graizbord - “Torah Does Not Speak with One Voice. Now What?”

2.00am HaMoreh Yoni Green - "70 years 70 Faces (panim) of the Torah”

3.00am Antar de Sa - “The Music Coming out of King David’s Tomb; Psalms for the Modern Era”


4.20am Sunrise Yom Tov Services


9.30am Late Yom Tov Services


Monday, May 21

9.30am Yom Tov Services with Yizkor

Holiday Ends at 8:09 pm

Sun, August 19 2018 8 Elul 5778