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Help Sponsor the Kiddush

Each week members of the community financially contribute to the kiddush lunch that is lovingly prepared by our volunteer kitchen crew. This is a wonderful way to mark a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, to honor the memory of a loved one on a yarhzeit or to honor other people.  After more than a year of hiatus from being able to share a Shabbat meal together due to the pandemic, we are grateful to have a safe way to do so and grateful to all those who contribute to make it possible.

Shabbat services start at 9:15 a.m. and are followed by a Shabbat Kiddush Luncheon at 12 pm. which is held outside in our courtyard.

There are two ways to contribute to the kiddush lunch.

Sponsors:  Sponsors contribute at least $180 towards the total cost of the kiddush lunch. There may be more than one sponsor on the same Shabbat to cover the costs.  The kitchen crew will prepare the lunch and add some special touches when the kiddush is being sponsored. Someone from the kitchen crew will reach out to find out if there are any special requests. Please keep in mind that special requests may or may not be possible to fulfill. A special kosher cake can be ordered for the occassion at an additional cost of $45.  
Hosts: Hosts are the sole contributors to a specific Shabbat kiddush lunch. Hosts may choose to contribute the total cost of the kiddush and work with the kitchen crew to create a menu. Some hosts choose to purchase all ingredients and help to prepare the meal in the synagogue kitchen. Of course, all ingredients require approval and kashrut supervision by Rabbi Avi. If you choose to host a kiddush, please contact Lisa Schachter-Brooks at or call her at 520.233.7813 to discuss the details.

Who or what are you honoring with this sponsorship?

Who or what are you celebrating with this sponsorship?

Who are you remembering with this sponsorship?

Sat, April 1 2023 10 Nisan 5783