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Help Sponsor the Kiddush

Shabbat services start at 9:15 a.m. and are followed by a Shabbat Kiddush Luncheon at 12:00 p.m. 

Each week members of the community may make a donation towards the kiddush lunch that is lovingly prepared by our volunteer kitchen crew. This is a wonderful way to mark a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, to celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah, to honor the memory of a loved one for a yarhzeit, or to honor friends/family for something in particular. 

We welcome multiple sponsors per week to help us cover our food costs, and we are grateful to all those who contribute to make these lovely community meals possible. There are several ways to contribute to the kiddush lunch:

Sponsors:  Sponsors donate at least $180 towards the total cost of the kiddush lunch. There may be more than one sponsor on the same Shabbat.  Our volunteer kitchen crew prepares lunch weekly, and gladly adds special touches when the kiddush is being sponsored. Please use the 'Details &/or Special Requests' box below to let our kitchen crew know if you'd like something in particular to be prepared. 
Hosts: Hosts are the sole contributors to a specific Shabbat kiddush lunch. Hosts are asked to contribute the total cost of the kiddush lunch and collaborate with the kitchen crew, or hire a Kosher caterer, to create a special menu. Alternatively, some hosts choose to purchase all the ingredients themselves and prepare the entire meal in the synagogue kitchen. Of course, all ingredients brought into our kitchen require approval and kashrut supervision by Rabbi Avi. If you choose to host a kiddush please email Lisa Schachter-Brooks at or call her at 520.233.7813 to discuss the details.

A special kosher cake can be ordered for the occasion at an additional cost. We will order and pick up the cake from Nadine's Bakery for you. The standard cake prices include writing and decorations of flowers/balloons/desert succulents at no extra charge, or scanned photos can be added starting at a $10 charge.
*Cake orders must be received at least one full week prior to the sponsored Kiddush date.

Standard Cake flavors:
  • White, Marble, Chocolate: $35
  • Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, or Italian Rum Custard (D): $45
  • Carrot Cake* w/Cream Cheese Icing and Filling (D): $55
    • *please specify either plain filling, or with walnuts and coconut
Standard Icing Choices:
  • White or Chocolate Buttercream
Standard Filling Options: 
  • Fudge* or Fruit: strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, cherry, lemon, blueberry, or apricot
    • *fudge filling available for chocolate cake bases
**Specialty cakes, and additional cake flavors/fillings/icings, are available at different prices than those listed above. Please contact Joy in the office for further details.
**Please Note: There will be no Kiddush Lunch served on July 13th & July 20th, 2024!

Who or what are you honoring with this sponsorship?

Who or what are you celebrating with this sponsorship?

Who are you remembering with this sponsorship?

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