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Kitab Al Khazari

09/02/2020 12:57:41 PM


Welcome to the Blog page for our new class on Kitab Al Khazari, also known as The Kuzari. 

We will post class notes, recordings, and updates here. If you have any questions, please email Yosef Lopez at


Kuzari Class 7: Somatic, Pneumatic, and Psychic

10/14/2020 09:03:56 AM


Yosef Lopez


In this class we discuss the philosopher's understanding of a "complete person" and what the implications are for others


Kuzari Class 6: Monolinguism Leads to Racism

10/07/2020 09:21:03 AM


Yosef Lopez


"Rather than try to understand the Jews according to their own values, values encoded in the original language of their sacred scriptures, the Greeks demanded that the Jews as Other should present themselves according to the values and standards of Greek culture."

This is an excerpt from David Shasha's piece Monolingualism, Scriptural Translation and the Problem of Western Civilization that he wrote for the...Read more...

Kuzari Class 5: Astrology

09/30/2020 09:05:18 AM


Yosef Lopez


In this class, the Philosopher introduces to us the idea of the stars and constellations asserting force on and influencing our lives. This is part of the Greek cosmology, and part of the idea of fate and destiny. Astrology is discussed in the Gemara, and its influence can be seen in Jewish art, architecture, and mysticism. 

Here you can see an excerpt from the Siddur that describes some of the Jewish approaches to...Read more...

Kuzari Class 4- What is the Birthday of the World?

09/23/2020 09:09:54 AM


Yosef Lopez


In this class, we discuss the Hebrew conception of creation, and why the Hakhamim call the 6th day of creation the birthday of the world and not the first day of creation. 


Kuzari Class 3- Does God Really Care? 

09/16/2020 12:34:55 PM


Yosef Lopez

In this installment, we open up the words of the Philosopher and explore his beliefs. 

You can see this section on Sefaria. 

We also opened with C.J. Jung's approach to dreams, their symbology, as well as their meaning. You can see that video on YouTube.

How Does Jung's theory of dreams relate to our King of Kuzar? 

How do the Hakhamim of Israel interpret dreams and their meaning? See this source...Read more...

Class 2 of the Kuzari

09/15/2020 12:05:36 PM


Yosef Lopez


Class two: Rabbi Yehuda HeLevi describes the being asked to defend/ prove Judasim on a philosophical level, and that it reminds him of the story of the King of Khazar. 

Discussion questions: 

Why is the Rabbi in the story referred to as החבר? This translates to friend in English.

What is the meaning of the King of Kuzar's dream? 

What are the implications that one could draw from...

Class 1: Biography of Ribbi Yehuda HaLevy

09/09/2020 09:05:28 AM


Yosef Lopez



Class Notes: 

A comprehensive Biography of Ribbi Yehuda HaLevy can be found here;

Thales of Miletus:

Pre-Socratic philosophy:


Sat, December 5 2020 19 Kislev 5781