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Child Care and Family Services 2019



Information for Families with Children
We look forward to welcoming you and your children to celebrate the high holidays together.  Please read through this information to orient yourself to the offerings for children and families throughout the Days of Awe.
Childcare-Ages 2-10 (Children in diapers will need to be tended by parents)
Registration Required
In order to properly plan for a safe and enjoyable experience, please register your children for the specific days that they will be attending. Even if you already registered for childcare during your own registration process, please take this extra step to let us know which specific days your children will be present so that we can plan accordingly.  It will only take a few moments. Please register now before you forget!
Childcare is available for all of the services with our wonderful regular Shabbat childcare crew. This is a combination of professional teachers and teens from our community.  
Childcare programming takes place in a separate nearby building. See map.
/out will be required
Parents/Guardians will be required to sign their children in and out of childcare with the professional staff.  Because the childcare rooms are in a separate building from the main sanctuary, children will not be permitted to go back and forth to the sanctuary on their own.  If parents are needed, a staff member will accompany the child to the sanctuary.  Upon checking in, please let the staff know the general area where you are sitting.
Family Services
Services for families will be led in the Community Center room which is located on the southside of the campus near the front parking lot.  There will be signs to direct you there. Children should be accompanied by parents for these services.  Family Services will be geared to school-aged children however, all families are welcome to attend.  Please make sure to register to help in planning.
Rosh Hashana 1st Day  11 am Service led by Jesse Davis
Rosh Hashana 2nd Day 11 am Service led by Jennifer Selco
Yom Kippur 12 noon Service led by Lisa Schachter-Brooks
Some healthy snacks will be provided throughout the time. However, feel free to pack your child/ren additional snacks and lunch.  Please keep any packed items dairy or parve.
Lunch will be served to the children on Yom Kippur in the childcare area at 11:15 am.
Children in the Sanctuary
Of course, children are always welcome in the sanctuary and we encourage all families to sit with their children for at least a small portion of the service so that they can experience the special quality of the High Holidays.  Please be particularly mindful of your children in this borrowed space.  
Teenagers are encouraged to join the community in the sanctuary throughout the holidays. There will be a teen room set up in the area of the childcare rooms.  Please make sure that teens are well aware that we are guests at St. Francis of the Foothills and to make sure to treat all of the spaces with respect.  They should know as well not to wander the campus but to stay either in the sanctuary or the teen room/childcare area  Parents are asked to check the teen room at the end of the service to make sure that everything is in order.  Let your teens know that if space is not left as it was found, it will not be available for future services.  
Please don't forget to register your children for childcare and family services!


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