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Silence and Proper Response

06/03/2021 04:20:39 PM


Dr. Yoram Kinberg

The next Mussar class is on Tuesday,  June 1 at 12.45 p.m. (3.45 p.m. EST, 10.45 p.m. Israel).


We will continue to discuss:


SILENCE and start discussing PROPER (PROPORTIONATE) RESPONSE, eg. an EYE for an EYE as well as Rise and Kill First


Please read the “silence” chapter in our book and work on the following aspects of Silence in your life:


a. Recall situations in your life  when silence gives you Equanimity (eg riding a bike, swimming, meditation)


    - what can you learn from these experiences...


b. Recall situations in your life when you have done more ACTIVE LISTENING and talked less.

 What were the benefits? What have you learned from these experiences?


c.    Recall situations when damage was done by you (or others) by not restraining speech.


d. Recall situations where being Silent was IMPROPER    

   What have you learned from these experiences?


In addition, please observe situations where JOY or other Middot  occur (e.g equanimity, gratitude, kindness, patience. anger, humility, etc..)


Please journal and be ready to share.


Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782