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04/08/2021 04:30:45 PM


Dr. Yoram Kinberg

The next Mussar class is Tuesday, April 13 at 12.45pm (3.45 pm EST, 10.45 pm Israel).

We will continue to discuss the Pursuit of Justice (TSEDEK) as an important building block in getting ready for Matan Tora (receiving the commandments) in Shavuot. WHY TSEDEK TSEDEK TIRDOF TWICE?

We will also start discussing HOPE--HATIKVA in preparing for YOM HAATSMAUT (Independence day) next week.
FROM YOAM HaShoah (today) to YOM HAZIKARON (memorial day) to YOM HAATSMAUT.Please  work on the following aspects of pursuing justice in your life:

    a. Recall situations in your life where 'persuing justice' was in conflict          with other considerations (eg speeding to bring somebody to the hospital.) HOW HAVE YOU ACTED/WHY?
    b. Recall situations when you bent 'strict justice' because of other considerations ( eg not firing a person that did something wrong.)  WHY?

      Also, please observe situations where JOY or other Middot  occur (e.g equanimity, gratitude, kindness, patience. anger, humility, etc.)

Please journal and be ready to share.

Meaningful Omer Counting And Shabat Shalom
917 558 1146

Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782