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Shalom and Shlemoot

03/04/2021 12:04:20 PM


Dr. Yoram Kinberg

Hi all :



The next Mussar class is on Tuesday, March 9 at 12.45 pm (2.45 pm EST, 9.45 pm Israel).

We will continue to discuss: 

SHALOM (peace) and SHLEMOOT ( wholeness) 

  1. Within Yourself
  2. With immediate family members and close friends
  3. Between you and HASHEM


What is the Role of TRURH in achieving PEACE and WHOLENESS?


Please work on the following: 

  a. Record situations that you were not at peace with yourself or with others

   b. What have you done to go from belligerence to peace?

   c. Are you in situations where you are not at peace with yourself or with others?  

   d. What do you plan to do to resolve the situation?  

   e. How important is the truth in your important relationships? 

    f Have they been 'White lies' in your important relationships? How have they played out long term?


    Also, please observe situations where JOY or other Middot occur (e.g equanimity, gratitude, kindness, patience. anger, humility, etc.)


Please journal and be ready to share.



Mussar with Dr. Yoram Kinberg. All are welcome. For more details, see the webpage HERE.


Have a great week and Shabat shalom


917 558 1146


Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782