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How do we make JOY happen? 

02/25/2021 11:47:21 AM


Dr. Yoram Kinberg

The next Mussar class is on Tuesday, March 2 at 12.45pm (2.45 pm EST, 9.45 pm Israel).

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Meeting ID: 765742241
Password: cbs2020

We will continue to discuss: 
JOY in ADAR. It is not always easy so how do you make it happen?  
We will start discussing: SHALOM (peace) and SHLEMOOT ( wholeness) 
What is the Role of TRUTH  in achieving PEACE and WHOLENESS?

Please continue to work on the following: 
a. Recall moments of Joy (SIMCHA) in the last few months
    - people 
    - places
    - activities
 That contributed to your Joy  
b. Plan situations in ADAR that will give you Joy
    - people
     - activities
     - places
When you write your 'Life Story', what title would you give to your book?
  Also, please observe situations where one or more Middot converge (e.g equanimity, joy, gratitude, kindness, patience. anger, humility, etc..)

Please journal and be ready to share.
Have a great PURIM,
917 558 1146

Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782