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Conflict Resolution 

01/21/2021 04:05:56 PM


Y. Kinberg

Our next Mussar class is on Tuesday, Jan 26 at 12.45 (2.45 pm EST, 9.45pm Israel).

We will  continue to discuss CONFLICT RESOLUTION use this link


Last Tuesday we were honored to have as our guest Hanan Harchol, the creator of the great Mussar animations we have used in our classes (Forgiveness, Gratitude among others) 

Hanan presented his latest animation re Conflict Resolution and Humility ( see link below)


I am sure you all enjoyed this unique experience!

On Conflict Resolution:

On Humility:


Hanan Harchol


Please work on the following: 

a. Do the homework proposed in Hanan's conflict resolution animation

    - we plan to discuss some of this in our next class


b. List conflict situations in your life when you struggled to achieve a desirable outcome (e.g. my divorce)

   - recall what happened


c. List conflict situations in your life when you managed to achieve a desirable outcome (e.g. various hiking trips)

   - recall what happened

d. What gifts do you plan to give yourself to celebrate special occasions in 2021 (e.g. ' winning' the Corona Scare?...for me trip to Israel )

        - what will be your 'dream vacation'?...

e. Continue to search for your Life:

   - Purpose,

  - Mission 

   Also, please observe situations where one or more Middot occur (e.g equanimity, joy, gratitude, kindness, patience. anger, humility, etc..)

Please journal and be ready to share.

Shabat shalom 


917 558 1146


Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782