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Tolerance and Manifesting Miracles

12/13/2020 08:11:22 AM


Our next Mussar class is on Tuesday Dec 15 at 12.45 (2.45 pm EST, 9.45pm Israel)  .

We will continue to discuss  Tolerance (SOVLANOOT) and manifesting MURACLES in HAUKKAH

Please work on the following: 

a. TOLERANCE (sovlanoot)

     a1  Describe situations when you have little/no tolerance to another person's point of view....

              - Consequences

     a2. Describe situations when you have little /no tolerance to another person's behavior (e.g. 

              being late)

     a3. How can you increase your tolerance to different points of view than yours? or 

              behavior you dont like.

  b.  KISLEV is the month of MIRACLES

        b1- identify miracles in tour life..

         b2-  where can you use miracles in your life? 

c. Continue to search for your Life:

   -  Purpose,

    - Mission 

    In addition, please observe situations where one or more middot  occur (e.g equanimity, joy, gratitude, kindness, patience. anger, etc..)

Please journal and be ready to share.

Wed, May 12 2021 1 Sivan 5781