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Patience (savlanoot) and Tolerance (sovlanoot) 

11/20/2020 09:53:14 AM


Y. Kinberg

Our next Mussar class is on Tuesday, Nov 24 at 12.45 (2.45 pm EST, 9.45pm Israel).



We will continue to discuss COMPASSION and KINDNESS As key elements of our daily life and start discussing Patience (SAVLANOOT) and Tolerance (SOVLANOOT)


Watch this animation regarding Compassion and Kindness and try to do Hanan proposed homework.


Please work on the following:


a. Journal about Acts of Compassion and Kindness you did in the last few weeks

   a1 What was the situation? Was your act spontaneous or planned?

   a2 How has your act of kindness made you feel?

b. List important people in your life that can benefit from your acts of kindness

   b1. Try to get 'into their shoes' and assess what can you do to help them.

     b2. JUST DO IT!!




c. Describe situations in your life where people took or may take advantage of 'too much' kindness by you (Boundary issues)

   - Describe the situation...and how you handled it. 

   - How can you best handle it in the future


d. Continue to search for your Life:

   - Purpose,

  - Mission 


   In addition, please observe situations where one or more Middot occur (e.g equanimity, joy, gratitude, kindness, patience. anger, etc..)



Please journal and be ready to share.



Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782