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09/03/2020 02:56:55 PM


Y. Kinberg

We will continue  discussing  your: LIFE PURPOSE, MISSION, and TIKUNIM (What you need to fix)


As homework please work on the following: 

a. What makes you happy?

      - can these elements be part of your life purpose?


b.  Create a list of potential alternatives as possible life purpose candidates:

     - Get closer to God

     - Make a difference in People's life

     - Other...


c.  list possible alternatives for life mission....can have more than one..


d. What was your mission/missions  years ago..( e.g. during your working career if you are now retired)


e. What Middot would you like to improve on? (e.g. procrastination, anger, no joy in life, lack of patience)


    In addition, please observe situations where one or more middot  occur (e.g equanimity, joy, gratitude, kindness, patience. etc..)


Please journal and be ready to share.



Have a great week 

Tue, June 15 2021 5 Tammuz 5781