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08/02/2020 12:20:35 AM


Y. Kinberg

Our next Mussar class is on Tuesday Aug 4 12.45 (3.45 pm EST)  .


We will continue to discuss the Midda of   SILENCE:

a.  Be in quiet/ noise free space

b.  Restrain your speaking - Listen 


As homework please work on the following:



 a. What are the benefits of being in a quiet space

     -  Does it enhance equanimity/reduce stress


 b. How do you facilitate/maintain quiet time in your busy life?


 c. What are the benefits of restraining your speaking/ listening more? 


 d. How do you better balance listening and speaking ?

      - Meetings

      - Personal communication


e. How do you   engage in/improve active listening?




In addition, please observe situations where one or more middot  occur (e.g gratitude, kindness, patience. etc..)


Please journal and be ready to share.



Have a great week and Shabat shalom

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