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For May 5

05/01/2020 08:16:45 AM


We will  continue to discuss patience in today’s life


Start discussing SILVER-LINING- גם זו לטובה

Have optimism and Finding the Silver Lining in our present difficult times.

We will continue to discuss your recent experience with Patience..
- Where has your  patience been tested recently?
-  How do you best deal with these situations?
- Where  has too little patience been counterproductive ?
- Where has too much patience  been counterproductive ?
Please journal and be ready to share
Additional homework:
Identify situations or events in the last few weeks where one or more of the Middot played a role..(e.g. gratitude, kindness, patience, anger, forgiveness, etc..)...describe the situation and your actions...
Be specific, Journal and be ready to share..
Feel free to call me  (917 558 1146) if you like to discuss any of the above.
Fri, March 5 2021 21 Adar 5781