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Homework for 4/23

04/20/2020 10:15:20 PM


Y. Kinberg

We will continue to discuss CHESED (love and kindness) and share your personal experience RE acts of kindness by you to others or by others to you...

We will also start the midda of Patience..
- Where is our patience tested these days?

-  How do you best deal with it?


Please continue to work on the following aspects of kindness:

- Acts of kindness by other people to you

- Acts of kindness by you to other people

Continue to make zoom or other calls to important people in your lives



Please continue to work on the following aspects of trust:


a. Whom do you trust?

     - why?

b. Can you trust this person in all aspects of life?


c. Whom can you trust in some aspects of life and not other?


d. Have you trusted someone and lost your trust in him/her...what happened?


e. How important is telling the truce in building and maintaining Trust?


Feel free to call me (9175581146) if you like to discuss any aspect of the above 

Thu, February 25 2021 13 Adar 5781