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11/12/2019 11:45:55 AM


This space is designated for the words of Tora taught to us by the various members of our kehilla. 

Hesed is the Answer- Yom Kippur 5780

11/12/2019 02:17:53 PM


Rabbi Avi Alpert

Friends, we are together as a holy community preparing to recall impactful people in our lives who have left us… who are no longer in this world. We do this in the middle of this awesome day, a day appointed for magnificent reflection… for return. We bring to the forefront of our minds our losses and our state of deficiency, realizing that we are left alone, yet still capable of more living. 

And, in order...

The Message of the Akeda 

11/12/2019 02:13:35 PM


Jesse Davis

I think it’s fair to describe the Akedah as one of the most difficult passages in the Torah.  It’s hard to find anything redeeming in the story of a man who takes his son up on a mountain to murder him, who takes a boy away from his mother under the cover of a lie.  There are a range of rabbinic interpretations.  Some applaud Abraham’s willingness to put his obedience to God over the love of his son. Others...Read more...

Rosh Hashana 5780

11/12/2019 02:04:03 PM


Rev. Norm Rubin

On this Erev Rosh Hashanah 5780, we are now in the ’80s again! Are you nostalgic for the 1980s? Imagine you are transported back to 1982... That was the year the CD was introduced, Brezhnev and Princess Grace died, Britain went to war at the Falkland Islands. It was also the year that a new congregation opened its doors in Tucson.  I have here a copy of Bet Shalom’s first newsletter, HAKOL BAMIDBAR, THE VOICE IN THE DESERT....Read more...

Yom Kippur 5780

11/12/2019 01:50:34 PM


Lisa Schachter-Brooks

It is an honor to stand before you tonight on this day of At-One-Ment when our souls are called into the temporal Holy of Holies.  I want to start by expressing my gratitude for being right in this very place at this very moment with all of you and for this beautiful Sonoran Desert and the peoples who have welcomed us to dwell here.


I come to you as a congregant,  a congregational director and as a fellow...Read more...

What Bet Shalom Means to Me 

11/12/2019 11:50:13 AM


Sarah Freiden

Congregation Bet Shalom welcomed my husband and me around 35  years ago. Neither of us was thinking of joining a shul at that time. In fact, I was only looking for an outlet for my urge to write. Someone had told me that CBS had a very good newsletter to which  I might want to give an article or two. Drs. Harry Lawrence and Norm Rubin were the editors at that time. I met with them and was soon a regular contributor to the...Read more...

5778 RH Derasha Talya Simha Fanger-Vexler

10/02/2017 12:19:02 PM


Talya Simha Fanger-Vexler

Shana Tova Everyone,

I didn’t have an easy childhood. I grew up feeling as if I had to be fiercely independent and alone. I felt as if it was hard to ask for anything and tried so hard to solve all of my issues by myself. 

     I learned through my experiences that it was not safe to let others know of my deepest struggles and insecurities. Whatever I went through in the past, whatever I had achieved...Read more...

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